a thought of mine from long ago

I’ve always had a rather… odd view of religion. I am definitely not religious in any way, but I disagree with atheism, think pastafarianism is a stupid name, and don’t like the idea of agnosticism. So, a while ago, I wrote this to explain my beliefs. I haven’t read this in´╗┐ a while, and I haven’t modified it, so it doesn’t necessarily agree with my present beliefs completely, but I think that it is fairly insightful for an eighth grader.

First there was Chaos.
Chaos was Truth, and Truth was Chaos.
And Truth was God.
And God was Truth, and God was Chaos.
It still is.
Then Truth, Chaos, God acquired Awareness
of God, Truth, Chaos.
And God looked on the Universe
And Truth said it was Good
And God said it was Good
And Chaos said it was lacking.
And so God created Energy
And allowed Energy to dance and to Be.
But only in small amounts.
And so Energy attracted Energy
And no-Energy attracted no-Energy.
And God looked on the Universe
And Chaos said it was Good
And God said it was lacking a little something
And Truth said it was lacking a little something.
And God thought of Life.
It was utterly fascinated by the Life,
and put Life everywhere.
And Life kept moving.
Slowly, gradually, Life was absorbed
by small amounts of Energy that had been taught
by God, to dance, to Be.
And Life taught Energy to Live
and Energy taught Life to Be.
And they became one and the same,
like God, Chaos, Truth.
And Life taught Energy to reach out and make connections,
and form between themselves a larger Being
And Be like fractals, all the way up, and all the way down.
And Energy taught Life to drop out of the higher reality
the reality of pure Idea
And to Become.
And they became one and the same,
Like God, Chaos, Truth.
And Life, Energy gradually formed connections,
and built bigger groups, bigger Rhonhas
and built smaller groups, smaller Rhonhas
Going all the way up, and all the way down.
But Life couldn’t stay always in the Universe, and Energy always must.
So some Life broke away, but some came back to fill it’s space.
A Rhonha was broken, but a new one filled it’s place.
God looked on this and God, Truth, Chaos was sad.
But all that is borrowed must be returned
and thus is the way of the Universe.
And God looked on the Universe
And Truth said it was Good
And Chaos said it was Good
and God said it was Good
Life, Energy got claustrophobic
so God let it have
Width, Height, and and Length.
Energy, Life expanded to fill the Universe,
and sacri, galaxies, stars, planets were formed
Out of pure Life, Energy.
And God looked onto the Universe
And Truth, God, Chaos said it was Good.
And Energy, Life said it was Good.
And the sacri said it was Good, and the galaxies said it was Good,
And the stars said it was Good, and the planets said it was Good,
And the molecules said it was Good, and the atoms said it was Good,
And all of the Rhonhas, all the way up, and all the way down
said it was Good.
And all was happy, for that is all that needs to
And all the while, new Rhonhas were being formed,
And all the while, old Rhonhas were falling apart,
For that is the way of Life, Energy.
Soon new Rhonhas formed
that were slightly unlike the rest.
They were like the dust before the sacri, galaxies, stars, and planets,
but unlike the dust, their energy came from Light.
Unlike the dust, they could build by adding to themselves,
and couldn’t build by adding themselves.
Unlike the dust, they could exclude certain Rhonhas and include others.
And unlike the dust, they could divide themselves.
Chaos, God, Truth and Energy, Life,
and all of the Rhonhas that included these Rhonhas
became intrigued.
They decided to call these new types of Rhonhas Ahm, or the dividing ones.
They decided to wait.
The Ahm got bigger and more advanced,
and some of it learned, like dust, to add themselves,
to become even bigger, even more advanced.
The Ahm started getting energy from other Ahm
and the different Ahm became specialized.
God, Chaos, Truth watched these Ahm with interest
And wanted no harm to come to them, because
unlike other Rhonhas, harm could come to them.
The Life could leave them before the Life had to leave them.
Several times, the Life left most of them,
but always the Ahm would adapt, and soon after be thriving again.
And like before, because Life, Energy is fractalic, a new type of Ahm arose.
This Ahm wasn’t very well adapted, so it started
using other Ahm and other Rhonhas
to help add to itself
And it thought that it wasn’t like other Ahm,
and didn’t even think of other Rhonhas as on the same scale.
Of course this is true of all Rhonhas: none are alike.
But none are superior either, and that is what this new Rhonha thought.
Truth didn’t mind this, for it is a Possibility, and Possibilities are part of Truth.
God was concerned, for everything is Possible, and not everything is Good.
Chaos was happy, for Ideas are Chaos, and the mind is Chaos.
This new Ahm, let us call them humans, could add to themselves.
They could add themselves.
And unlike other Ahms, and unlike other Rhonhas,
They could add others.
The humans could build.
Thus spawned the age of the humans.
This is the story of those years, what the humans was doing,
and what the humans thought it was doing.
And what the humans Believed.
But then, what really is anything but a Belief?
Even Chaos, even God, even Truth
has no answer for that, the question of questions.
the humans have journeyed through the centuries, crawling along,
and ceaselessly Explaining things.
How can there be an Explanation?
Gods and Deities, no more True than Chaos, Truth, God.
But also, no more False than Truth, Chaos, God,
were part of
Religions that have spread the world, Explaining things.
Ideas from the realm of pure Idea, given the power of Belief,
are brought into our Reality and made Real.
God, Truth, Chaos was amazed and intrigued,
for like all Rhonhas, humans added themselves to make bigger Rhonhas.
Unlike all Rhonhas, the bonds that kept them together
were nothing but Ideas, brought into Reality and made Real
by belief.
Belief built empires
Belief destroyed them.
Belief held the small tribes together against all odds,
and Belief split up families, making the individual humans turn against each other.
Belief created fairness, equality, and happiness
Belief created segregation, superiority, and sadness.
Belief was good and bad,
Great and Evil.
Belief was Life and Death.
It still is.
Truth was happy, for the humans were creating Truth out of pure belief.
Chaos was happy, for the humans were creating Chaos out of pure belief.
God didn’t know what to think, for the humans were creating happiness
and sadness
out of pure belief.
It still is.
But soon, Truth, God, Chaos
got impatient.
For when it had thought that the humans were trying to understand
Truth, Chaos, God, the humans latched onto only portions of
the Whole Truth.
The religions, civilizations, tribes, and other Rhonhas all
were convinced of their own beliefs, but didn’t believe in other Beliefs.
The humans were excluding certain some beliefs and including others.
This anti-belief was a belief but it tore things down
instead of building them up.
Truth didn’t mind too much, for all beliefs are possibilities are truth,
and in it’s eyes destruction was creation of something different.
After all, Life and Energy might be married,
but always life must go back to the higher reality.
Chaos was happy, but God was sad.
God could see how humans hated destruction, but
how they created it out of a belief, and anti-belief.
All Life must leave Energy, but how early?
There is no late fee in the higher Reality.
Then God had a thought: every belief is the opposite of
Something. Therefore every belief must destroy something to create something.
Humans were not like God, Chaos, Truth, for their only creations came from destructions.
But that is not to say that belief is bad, for
even lack of belief is belief.
Life is belief.
And you can’t fully destroy, but rather you can break into smaller Rhonhas.
And these smaller Rhonhas will
Continue to Be as Life: form connections,
all the way up, and all the way down.
Every belief is True.
And True is every belief.
But no one belief is true.
But, all this should have no impact, for
this has always been known, deep in hearts.
Chaos, Truth, God, whatever it’s name may be, expects nothing.
For many, a life without meaning is terrible, but I rejoice in it,
for I am happy
and I try to make others happy,
for that is all that needs to


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