What comes next in the sequence?

1,2,3,4,5, ...


It does not say this is a rational problem. No one ever said this was a rational problem.

It doesn't have to be 6. It could be 7.

It doesn't tell you there are rules. It might seem like there are rules, but who knows?

It could be 12, it could be 83.4.

It could be π, it could be the letter A.

It could be a dot, an ink smudge, a word, the opening to Moby Dick.

It could be the color blue.

It could be loneliness, love, the concept of free will,

the feeling you get lying on your back in the grass on a beautiful day, watching the clouds.

It could be nothing.

It is everything.

For it is something. Even the potentiality of nothing is something.

If it weren't anything, what would be the point?

If it weren't anything, the only thing to do would be to hope and to know that there was something, because otherwise, the lack would be too much.

So it must be something.

But the existence of something implies something else.

How can there be a something and not a something else?

How can there be one thing that isn't everything?

It could be everything.

It is everything.

But that is too many things. I can't think of that many things.

So I'll say it is probably 6.

Probably 6.

I'll live by it being 6,

But I'll always try to remember,

in actuality,

it is everything.


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