free tools

i'm fairly proud to say that i built this website from scratch, by writing in html, php, css, javascript, and processing. i didn't use any website builders, but i did use very many tutorials and instructions. if you are interested in learning any of these languages (except for processing) i'd recommend checking out w3schools. for the art gallery, i used galleriffic.

my favorite website to help with design was CSSnewbie.

for a text editor, i used komodo edit.

i made all of my projects withprocessing, which is a relatively easy to use programming language kind of like java, for use by artists and designers.

for the creation of the art, i used a variety of tools:
gimp for general photo editing.
fractal lab,fragmentarium, context free art, structure synth , quadrium 2, and artmatic for fractal rendering and generative art


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