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By defining an idea or thought rather loosely, I have determined that entire websites are ideas unto themselves, so here is a collection of other websites I find interesting. This is very relative, and you probably won't be interested in all of them because I have several seemingly unconnected categories of sites.
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Programming and generative art and other computer related things and other stuff

Open Processing is a collection of lots of projects built in Processing , which is what I used for all of the projects and the homepage of this website.
Mr. Doob's blog The blog isn't the part that I pay attention to, but it has links to all of his different programming projects next to it and I find them pretty cool.
Neave.com This is collection of flash experiments. I especially like the one that says "vote".
Chrome Experiments This is a bunch of,as the name would imply, experiments. These are similar designed to push the limit of web browsers and play around in the medium of the webpage.
Record Tripping is a really beautiful game. Check it out.
transform another beautiful game that is rather indescribable.
APEXvj is an online music visualizer that is pretty impressive.
Sand Virtual sand
an online matrix music synthesizer thing.
an even cooler online music synthesizer thing that has something to do with cellular automata and chaos and feedback and other things I am interested in. Not only that, but it sounds good!
fractal lab explore mind-blowing 3d fractals, assuming you have either chrome or firefox 4beta.
fractal and generative art resources Lots of good and mostly free applications for generative art and fractals, as the name implies. The website itself is also rather cool, subblue is the same person who made fractal lab, and other cool suff.
Amanita Design is an Czech (I think) indie game design company, and it makes a lot of beautiful point and click games and some music videos.
amauta lab I can't really describe this very well. It probably should go under the art category, but is slightly interactive. Just look around the site. It's kind of random.
art from the maths at the bridges conference. generative artist Jonathan McCabe does some really interesting stuff in Butterfly Origami fractals, neural network stuff, and turing patterns. I just wish I understood what was actually going on. form+code (book) Anasomnia The best I can say is a generative dream scape that starts when you turn out the lights. Pretty awesome.
Mind Lab psycho-philosophy and other stuff.
Abandoned Technology Photographs of old stuff no longer in use.

Art and Graffiti

Philosophical D&D This one was rather hard to grasp, but after reading breif summaries on wikipedia, I found it absolutely hilarious. I especially like the Ephesian Onieronaut. Street Art Utopia The name is rather self explanatory.
Banksy , Blu , and Eric Ailcane These are three graffiti artists I like a lot. I like Blu more for his videos than walls, and I don't really know that much about Eric Ailcane.
The Creators Project Lots of different artists, designers, programmers, architects, and musicians, among other things, are interviewed or just make a video about themselves, and also blog posts about interesting art.
Koikoikoi Though much of the art is kind of... I don't know. but anyways, it has some very good videos and animations. I suggest watching Skhizien .
Space pictures Nebulae, and lots of them.
Moss Graffiti This is a page about how to make moss graffiti. I have no idea if it works, but I am planning on trying it this summer.
Soul Design Project is my brothers' website, with all of his work. It is very cool.
THE UNDERBELLY PROJECT is something that looks interesting, but last time I checked, nothing has happened yet. It is a project that took artists into an abandoned subway station 4 stories beneath New York, and now it is supposedly covered in art. Check it out, but unless they changed something, you wont find much.
The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo on Vimeo is a beautiful video about architecture and photography made entirely with CGI.
Gravité (Gravity) is a rhythm made from dropping things, also on vimeo.
INCREDIBOX if I said a guy beatboxing, it would be a vicious understatement.
JR on TED A street artist/photographer talking about his art and what it is doing.
The Casual Fiasco is a band that I like, and they happen to offer one of their albums for free download, right here.
Douglas Adams "You will need to know the difference between Friday and a fried egg."
Duchamp was here Trust me, he was.
Animated short films My favorite is "Get Out"
Synaptic Stimuli Lots of big words and beautiful art.
Lori Nix An interesting take on photography, in which all the scenes are created.


very, very random

40 second long year (stop-motion)
a penguin
more bubbles
Manuel de revolte au travail (how to rebel at the office)
paper art-very impressive paper art Silence is a war crime
beautiful pictures of light
Classy Insults
Army guy getting flower
the truth
punny t-shirts
super granny
literally, flamethrower vs. fire extinguisher
Vassilis Paleokostas
the sky at different wavelengths
a duck
bridges built out of living tree roots
facts that might or might not actually be true, but are interesting
google translator is bad
ancient temple with beautiful tree
It's a trap!
good words
hide and seek


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