about me

i am.
i was.
i will be.

But seriously:
I find that the appreciation and attempted creation of beauty is one of the most important things in my life. There is nothing more pleasant than discovering a new author, painter, or musician, or even just appreciating the simple intricacies of Life as I live it from day to day. But I yearn to be able to echo these glimpses of pulchritude, and this is difficult for me. Recently, however, I might have found my medium in generative art, a little known style that basically involves getting the computer to make art for you. This may sound like cheating, but it involves programming the computer to show off the beautiful, intricate symmetries and patterns embedded in the very structure of mathematics. I explore these patterns like a photographer and take snapshots, but, unlike a photographer, I have control over the fundamental nature of my subjects, and it can be fascinating.


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