These are my thoughts

and also some other people's thoughts

I have lots of ideas and thoughts. They are not necessarily good or practical, or even make sense, but I have them, and don't really have anything to do with them. That is, until now: the world wide web has become a fine place for people to stand on their own soapbox and speak at the assembled crowd (even if there isn't one! Lack of two way communication insures that, unless I try very hard, I can't figure out if there is one. But, of course there is at least a small one (you), and I digress). By coincidence, have just procured a piece of this, the World Wide Web. What luck!


generic says:
I really like what you're writing here. Keep working that way. Take care!

Tim says:
Nolan - cool site, thought-provoking musings. I trust there's a story behind the gallery images. They're neat patterns, and maybe you just create them to see what patterns you can come up with, but I'd love to know how you create them. I understand you plan to study a lot of math at Tufts, but at some point I'd encourage you to check out Daniel Dennett. I don't know if he's still there, but he was a professor at Tufts as recently as a few years ago. Philosophy, I think, and working a lot with artificial intelligence. Very clear writer, and maybe you won't have much time for \"pleasure reading\" until next summer, but I think you'd like his books. If so, you might like to take a course of his.
Sorry to miss you this weekend, but understand you're navigating a flood of new relationships, setting up a new lifestyle,etc, and hopefully we'll see you in October. Hope you feel like you can create something beautiful and satisfying as you organize the chaos that is freshman dorm living. Also hope you find like-minded people with whom to share your intellectual explorations. That may take some time, but be patient, and you'll make many neat connections with many neat people. Good luck, learn lots, and have fun!

Your uncle, Tim

Nolan says:

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