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Crime and Dining

Using data from the city of Boston on crime incidents and active food establishment licenses, I investigated the corelation between occurences of crime and places to eat. To do so, for each licensed restauraunt in Boston, I compiled all of the crime incidents that took place within 100 meters of the location, took into account how long ago the crime occured, the type of crime, and any weapons involved, and I calculated a heuristic for how "dangerous" the crime was relative to the restauraunt, in a rather unscientific way. Reported crimes weere broken down by type, and the more violent a crime was, the more it was weighted. The Danger Rating was then the sum of the dangers of each individual crime.

And then I made this! Here you can see every restauraunt in Boston, and if you click on one you will see a report generated about the safety of the restauraunt.

Additionally, you can search for restaunts to limit what is displayed and see the safest and most dangerous of, for instance, "Starbucks" or "Subways." You can also search more generally, and any restauraunt whose name includes your search will be displayed. This means that searches like "Pizza" or "Cafe" are interesting.